Kopassus Incorporated

Kopassus Inc. is a game modding studio founded in 2011 by a member of GameBanana, Constellatio. From the beginning, it started making mods very fast and all of the mods were pro-like. Soon after, the studio got ranked in Top25 best modding studios in the world. It's biggest rival, BugersTeam was defeated back in 2012 when BugersTeam studio from 3rd went to 16th postion. Kopassus was still growing second by second. Due many private problems of it's members, it stopped working for almost a half-year. Then, it's return came when Constellatio added 3 new leaders: Arman Ossi Loko, Slayer and TheDemoliton. The new leaders added some new workers and at the moment, the studio is growing again, slowly but carefully.

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